#RESPECTTZUYU Trends on Twitter, Fans are Speaking Up over Mistreatment


Just a couple of hours ago, the hashtags #RESPECTTZUYU and #RespectTwice trended in the Music topic on Friday (18/3).


TWICE fans are speaking out against TWICE’s youngest member, Tzuyu’s mistreatment by JYP Entertainment.


A tweet was posted on Twitter, showing a video of the DVD making of TWICE’s 4th Japanese Album, #TWICE4.


The DVD-making video showed all the individual shots of the girls – except for Tzuyu. The absence of Tzuyu caused fans to speak on the issue of mistreatment on Twitter.




Fans express how JYP Entertainment, one of the biggest music companies in South Korea managed to forget to include one of the members in a DVD-making video.


Unfortunately, this was not the only instance that which the music company mistreated Tzuyu.


In a post by a famous Tzuyu ‘Bar’, (which refers to China’s Baidu Bar similar to Korean Fan Cafes for Chinese fans) ‘ChinaTzuyuBar’ released a statement that they will stop doing group orders indefinitely and will focus on Tuzyu’s personal activities.


‘ChinaTzuyuBar’ also listed several instances of Tzuyu’s mistreatment, such as posting a picture of Tzuyu on TWICE’s official members, however, an editing mistake labeled a different member’s name on her picture.


In an Official Account Member introduction, each member was given unique and special introductions, whereas Tzuyu was only introduced as “the youngest member in Twice”. Another mistake occurred when Tzuyu’s preview for official merchandise was shown to be another member.


Fans are not happy with the repetitive amount of mistreatments that Tzuyu receives, as even Tzuyu’s mother, Lydia, herself commented about the issue on Twitter.


The mistreatment of artists in K-Pop’s industry is a pressing issue that has been prevalent since long ago, and fans can only speak up against it on social media, such as Twitter.

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