Remote Work Culture Effect on Mental Health

It has been two years since the working culture was forced into making a change where those who work in an office have to take turns working at the office and from home. It also comes to a relaxation that working from home has become workers favorite thing since they don’t have to be stuck in traffic or catch a bus to go to work or do unnecessary laundry. By doing WFH or remote working, they can even work with only a formal top and short pants. It is always fun at the beginning.

As a matter of fact, statistics say otherwise. Many companies have reported that many staff have to deal with mental health issues with loneliness as the typical reason. Working at home can also cause a lack of inspiration because you will only be seeing your home or, even worse, your own suffocating room. Working remotely could also cause insecurities among employees to take sick days since they are working at home, so they thought there was no need to take sick days while it is very crucial to take an actual rest the whole day to help the curing process. This can easily be communicated between the manager or Human Resource to ensure the employee and have an open room to discuss.

It is devastating to know that the rate of poor mental health among employees has been rising. This fact is also sad to hear since a good employee’s wellbeing would also bring a suitable workspace and the company success.

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