Regarding the problem of paint on the aircraft, Qatar Airways and Airbus were involved in a legal case

Regarding the problem of paint on the aircraft, Qatar Airways and Airbus were involved in a legal case

Illustration of Airbus. (source: airbus).

Qatar Airways and Airbus, two famously known air related industries; were involved in recent protracted legal cases.

One of them causes it is a paint problem on the aircraft. Paint on the surface of the A350 Jet Airbus Mileau and Qatar aircraft demanding compensation of more than USD 600 million (Rp. 8.6 trillion) for this.

The proceeding

According to court documents, the value of this business dispute is equivalent to USD 4 million (57 billion) per day. The Gulf country airline also asked British judge; to ordering the French-based Airbus; to not send their any of their jets again until the ones that are defected is repaired.

The second dispute was held over for this months focusing about damage; including blistering paint, cracked window frames or fixed areas; and lightning protective layers erosion.

Qatar Airways National Regulator has stopped flights 21 out of 53 A350 jets when problems arise. It triggered a fierce dispute with Airbus who said even though there was a problem it was only technical, there was no problem with security.

The following dispute

Launching from the page Wednesday, January 26, 2022, now, the financial and technical details associated with this rare legal dispute emerged in the High Court Division in London, where Qatar Airways sued Airbus in December.

Qatar Airways demanded compensation of USD 618 million (Rp. 8.8 trillion) from Airbus for partial termination, plus USD 4 million (Rp. 57.3 billion) for 21 jets not operating every day. The claim included USD 76 million (IDR 1 trillion); for a five-year-old A350 aircraft to be reduced for the 2022 World Cup. Which hosted Qatar later this year.

The plane was parked in France for one year; and needed 980 patches after the canceled paint work showed a gap in lightning protection the source of the industry. The airline claimed Airbus failed to give root causes needed to fulfill unresolved questions about the maternity of air from the affected jet including a lightning protection system.

This jet has a copper mesh layer under paint to prevent lightning from damaging carbon-composite. Which seems to be lighter but less conductive than traditional metal.

Quoting from the page Wednesday, January 26, 2022; “Airbus revealed that there was no problem with an airworthiness,” a spokesman who was confirmed by the European Regulator.

The airline has long had a reputation as a demanding buyer, sporadically rejected shipping for quality reasons.

Complaints as thick as 30 pages specify the collapse of unusual relationships; between the two most influential players in the world of aviation. Reuters’s investigation revealed at least five other airlines also found a surface defect. Encouraging Airbus to form an internal task unit; that explored the new anti-lightning design for future A350 aircraft.

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