Red Velvet Releases “The ReVe Festival 2022-Feel My Rhythm” Album Details


On Wednesday (16/03), Red Velvet just released the album details for their upcoming comeback, “The ReVe Festival 2022-Feel My Rhythm”.


Red Velvet will officially be releasing its comeback on March 21, 2022, at 6 PM KST.


SM Entertainment released 2 versions of the upcoming Red Velvet comeback album – the Orgel version and ReVe Version.


Orgel Version


The Orgel Version of the album features an elegant and feminine theme, with soft and gentle pastel colors: pink, mint, and light brown.



The album package itself is a pastel pink box, with a standee of one of the members wearing a ballerina outfit with a white tutu – similar to a ballerina in a music box.


The inclusion in the album consists of a Photo Book featuring all the 5-members in ballerina outfits and posing ballet stances.


A CD Envelope is also included, with the 6 songs listed on the envelope in the design mimicking a music score.


Fans can also get a Sticker sheet from the album, with stickers like a carousel and a yellow butterfly.


A random 1 out 5 Mini Stand of the members that will stick out of the album when opened – revealing the mini stand of Red Velvet members as ballerinas.


The most anticipated inclusion that fans are looking forward to getting their hands on is the Photo Cards, in which fans will randomly receive 1 out of 5 Photo Cards.


The last inclusion includes a Folded Poster & Lyrics Paper, along with a random 1 Poster out of 2.


ReVe Version


Unlike the music box-like album package in the Orgel Version, the ReVe Version includes a Dust Jacket for two versions of the albums – capriccioso and calmato.



The theme of this version involves bolder colors and a crowded design, contrasting with the simplicity of the previous version.


Fans will receive a Cover, Photo Book with 108 pages, CD-R, Stickers based on the respective version, Book Marks, and a Folded Poster.

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