Record-Breaking Coronavirus Cases in U.K.

The United Kingdom reports record-breaking daily coronavirus infections with more than 100,000 daily cases. As a result, the daily average in the U.K. for last week becomes more than 96,000. That daily average is 102 percent more than the number two weeks ago. The data shows one in six residents in the U.K. has been infected.

Though the daily infections in South Africa have started lowering recently, other countries have not yet started showing that trend. The number has peaked at about 27,000 on Thursday in South Africa but decreased to a little over 15,000 on Tuesday. Along with the U.K., France also reports a record 91,000 daily cases. Canada, on the other hand, records almost 15,000 new cases.

Though a new variant of coronavirus – Omicron caused more infection rates, the number of people needing hospitalization is not as high as the health experts initially feared. That finding is a relief for many.

Considering the low infection rates in South Africa in recent days, Canadian health experts are showing relief. They believe this could be the start of the end of the peak. However, the country is adding more restrictions and measures every day.

Even with the presence of Omicron, India – a country of 1.3 billion population, is not showing a dramatic increase in the daily cases.

It would take another couple of more weeks to know the real trend of the infection worldwide.

People tend to believe that South Africa is an example. Though the number may go up, it might become normal in a not-so-distant future.

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