RECOMMENDED: Girls’ High School Mystery Class

Although it aired in the beginning of 2021, this mystery-thriller variety show is no joke. The show is produced by Jung Jong Yeon and was aired on 29th January to 19th March 2021, with each episodes has 40 minutes duration. And currently the show has 8.3 rating score.

Starring Jae Jae, Park Ji Yoon, Jang Do Yeon, Choi Ye Na and BIBI, the show has audiences gripping their chairs after every episode. 

Girls’ High School Mystery Class follows 5 transfer students as they solve mysteries of their new school. It is the kind of show where the production team did not inform the 5 stars what they are going to do. They solve the mysteries as they go and it goes for 16 full episodes. The team behind the show also made a very suspenseful and compelling story. 

It is very fun and riveting to see the five girls solve the mysteries. The combo is interesting as well and they all make a great team so the show is full of adventures and comedy. You get mind-blown every time they solve mysteries and something is revealed. It’s truly impressive that the five of them did not know anything going into the setting.   

If you like mystery, thriller, adventure with a little bit of comedy and fun friendship dynamics, this should be on your watch list!     

Currently, the 2nd season is airing but it is not available on Viu yet. The first season, however, is free to watch for Viu if you are a member. 

Watch a little clip here:

Watch also their MMTG episode:

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