Recent Border Tragedy Indicates New Immigration Trend

Four people were found dead in blizzard near the U.S. – Manitoba border. Image source: The Globe and Mail.

The recent tragical death of four people at a Canada – U.S. border indicates new immigration trends. Earlier officials found out the bodies of two adults, one teenager, and an infant only meters away from the border. Officials say it could be because of the extreme cold weather in the country during this time.

The border crossing at the Canada – U.S. border is not that common these days. Especially since former President, Donald Trump took office in 2016. But as the political scenario changed in the U.S., the old trend started showing up again.

Unlike the south border, the Canada – U.S. border is not commonplace for illegal immigrants to cross it.

The dead family of four at the border is expected to be of Indian origin. However, police referring them as victims as they suspect somebody else helped them cross the border. In addition, officials announced that a 47-year-old Steve Shand of Florida had been arrested for this incident. Police said he was assisting undocumented people in crossing the border from Canada to the U.S.

Other people detained at the U.S. – border said to the officials that they had been walking in the snow for about 11 hours. Somebody was supposed to help them at the border but never showed up.

However, this recent tragedy is going to raise the political heat once again. Unfortunately, the Joe Biden administration is accused of not taking stricter actions against the undocumented refugees and illegal immigrants in the country.

Though the officials suspect the family was died due to extreme cold, they are also investigating any other reason behind this horrific incident.

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