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RECAP: GFRIEND’s Members After Disbandment


GFRIEND was a six-membered South Korean girl group. The members are Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji. The group debuted in 2015, making them included in the 3rd Generation of K-pop. GFRIEND came from a small company called Source Music



GFRIEND had gained the public’s attention when Source Music released the group’s debut photo teaser. One of the members, SinB, had a resemblance to the former Girls’ Generation member Jessica. However, it wasn’t the reason why they got well-known. GFRIEND was praised for their professionalism after a fan cam video of them kept performing after slipping on the stage a few times spread online. Besides that, GFRIEND was known for its sharp choreography and the ability to dance at 2x speed. 



On May 22nd, 2021, GFRIEND’s exclusive contract with Source Music had expired. None of the members renewed their contract and decided to leave the company. Below is a recap on GFRIEND members after the group’s disbandment.




Sowon was GFRIEND’s leader. On August 2nd, she signed with IOK Company, home for many South Korean actors and actresses, to pursue her career in acting. She changed her stage name to her birth name, Kim Sojung. Kim Sojung (Sowon) is currently working on her first project as an actress, a “Cine-Rama” (cinema drama) titled Creep Roommate with iKON’s Chanwoo. 




Yerin was the first member to sign with new management after GFRIEND’s disbandment. She is now under Sublime Artist Agency (SAA). She is currently hosting the third season of a variety show, Beauty Time, and filming a new web drama titled Sea Village Cloud Resort (literal title).




On September 1st, Yuju was confirmed to join Kang Daniel’s company, KONNECT Entertainment. Her first project as a singer under KONNECT was Cyworld BGM 2021. You can watch the project here.



Eunha, SinB, and Umji

The three of them had signed with Big Planet Made (BPM)Entertainment on October 6th. They will continue as a trio group called VIVIZ. The group’s first project under the new label was Eunha’s featuring in Big Hit’s former producer, ADORA, debut single. There hasn’t been any further information about their re-debut. 

Hopes their current career path will lead them to massive success than before.


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