REC OF THE WEEK: KRnB & KHip-Hop Songs For Your Playlist

If you are getting bored of your playlist and want to spice things up, here are some songs that we will share with you!

The songs are mostly in the RnB and Hip-Hop spectrum but there should be familiar K-POP artists here. 

Microphone by Young K ft. Dvwn

This song is absolutely great. Young K’s name is familiar in the K-POP world. Dvwn had only recently debuted but his name is familiar across the KRnB/KHH scene. 

Adios by Hoody ft. GRAY

AOMG household names, Hoody and GRAY’s Adios is an amazing track to chill to. 

Bittersweet by WONWOO & MINGYU ft. LeeHi

One of the most surprising releases of 2021, SEVENTEEN members Wonwoo and Mingyu debuted in a unit to release ‘Bittersweet’. The sound and style is a little different from what Seventeen is used to doing but this is one of the best releases of the year. The LeeHi feature is also amazing.

Restless by BIBI

BIBI is a rising name in this scene. She has put out amazing songs and has been gaining a lot of popularity. She has featured with household names and is on her way to becoming one herself. ‘Restless’ is just one of the great songs she has put out.

Love & Hate by Zico ft. BIBI

Zico is a name uniquely known across the industry. He has created hit after hit and this is only one of them! The BIBI feature was a nice touch to the song as well.

haPPiness by SOLE

SOLE is such a great artist and we only wish a lot of people knew her. We hope that this will get you to look into her discography because she is amazing! 

Classic by Katie

This entire EP? A work of art. Classic is only one of the great songs that KATIE has put out so make sure to look into her discography.  


We firmly believe that anything GRAY or DeVita touches is a work of art. Now there is a song by GRAY featuring DeVita? Amazing. 

Love Again by BAEKHYUN

Baekhyun is a familiar name. He’s been in all the scenes in the industry and Love Again is just one of the many songs by him that is stunning in every way. 

Kiss of Fire by WOODZ

Let us just add a solo by WOODZ because he is a great artist. He has an amazing discography and such a unique voice. This song is one of his latest releases and it is absolutely breath-taking.

All Your Fault by Yugyeom ft. GRAY

Yugyeom’s sensational debut as an AOMG artist didn’t start with this but it is an awesome title track that has people blown away. Yugyeom’s entire EP ‘Point of View:U’ is perhaps one of the best debut EPs in the past few years. 

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