Rebel Wilson’s Team Didn’t Support Her to Lose Weight

A fat body with a witty personality has indeed been the main selling point of Rebel Wilson so far. Her fame skyrocketed since 2012 when she played the character “Fat Amy” in the musical comedy Pitch Perfect. She also often jokes about her fat body so that it provoked laughter from the audience in her various appearances.

However, in a recent interview with BBC News, Rebel Wilson revealed that she did not have the support of the people around her when she wanted to lose weight.

This 41-year-old woman admits that she is always confident in her appearance, fat or thin. However, her intention to lose weight came from her concern about the health effects of being overweight.

And the reason her team did not support her was that she was already known as a cute fat girl which made them afraid that physical changes would affect her career.

“I got a lot of resistance from my own team, right here in Hollywood, when I decided ‘okay, I’m going to do wellness this year, I felt like I was really going to change my physique and change my life,” recalls Rebel Wilson, from People, Wednesday (8/12/2021).

Rebel said her team was surprised when they heard her desire to live a healthy life.

“Why? Why would you want to do that? Because I made millions of dollars being a cute fat girl and being that person,” she said, quoted from Today.

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As is known, last year, Rebel has lost almost 80 pounds or about 36 kilograms.

As an actress where all eyes are on her, Rebel Wilson admits to having been “’out of sight’ because of her unattractive appearance. But now she is starting to receive a lot of attention since making her appearance transformation.

“It’s interesting. Why are people so obsessed with women, specifically, about their appearance? I know what it’s like to be a woman who is basically invisible to most people because she doesn’t look beautiful,” said Rebel Wilson. “It’s crazy to try to adapt what the public wants. It’s better to be the healthiest version,” she added.

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Rebel admits that in the past he often had an unhealthy life which had an effect on her health

“I know deep down that some of the emotional behaviours I did were unhealthy,” the comedian said.

She often ate ice cream every night to fulfill her fatigue after a day’s activities. According to her, she tended to turn off her emotions and use food as an escape from her problems, which was actually not a healthy thing.

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In an Instagram live in 2020, Rebel Wilson admitted to being on a high protein diet, drinking lots of water, and eating under 1,500 calories per day. She also tried to like sports and tries various types of workouts.

And last month, Rebel said that her health-related journey is still going on with ups and downs.

“I’m not perfect like I still eat emotionally at times, there are stressful things still going on in life and work demands work,” she said.

However, Rebel Wilson strives to be the best version of herself.

“I am very grateful for making these changes that have made me feel better. I am still the exact same person, only a healthier version,” she concluded.

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