Ready report to KPK; President Joko Widodo’s son reported to KPK

Gibran Rakabuming and Kaesang Pangarep corruption allegations.

Responding to news of his self-reporting by Jakarta State University Lecturer Ubedilah Badrun regarding corruption; Kaesang is ready to be investigated dan reports to KPK. On Monday 10/01/22, Ubedilah reported two sons of President Joko Widodo to the Corruption Eradication Commission. Regarding allegations of corruption; and/or money laundering with a business group suspected of being involved in forest fires.

This report began when a company with the initials PT. SM get the accusation and issue regarding the forest fires in 2015. The company received a claim for compensation of Rp. 7.9 trillion. Consequently, the Supreme Court only decided to compensate for the amount of Rp. 78 billion. The UNJ lecturer suspected that the Supreme Court’s decision was far from being prosecuted; because PT. SM formed a joint company consist of Gibran and Kaesang.

Allegation of Corruption, Collusion, Nepotism, & Money Laundering towards Gibran and Kaesang.

According to Ubedilah, these actions are CCN (Corruption, Collusion, & Nepotism) and ML (Money Laundering). In addition, the former 98 activists said that Gibran and Kaesang had received two times funds with a total of Rp. 99.3 billion from companies linked to PT. SM. After getting the funds, Ubedilah said that they bought shares with a large amount of Rp 92 billion. For someone who’s just starting a company; share purchasing at this grand scale is questionable

Regarding this report, the KPK confirmed that it had received the report and would follow up. As a result, the KPK will conduct verification and study to determine whether the report is in accordance with applicable laws, and includes the realm of corruption and is under the authority of the KPK or not.

Gibran claimed ready to be investigated and reporting himself to KPK. President Jokowi’s eldest son admitted that he had not received any information regarding his and Kaesang’s reporting to the KPK. As it reported on CNN and many multiple news platform “There has been no notification. Yes, just check if there is something wrong, please call. What’s the wrong of it, then prove it,” he said.

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