Razer Unveil a Table-Shaped Modular Gaming PC Prototype

Gaming device manufacturer, Razer, showcased its newest product prototype in the form of a modular gaming PC in the form of a desk.

The prototype was exhibited at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 which is taking place in Las Vegas, United States this week. Razer named the modular computer project “Project Sophia”.

Modular Design

With a modular design, this gaming PC is equipped with smaller hardware (modules) that can be modified, replaced, or exchanged freely. The prototype of the “Project Sophia” modular gaming computer is equipped with 13 module slots. This gaming PC is easily modified, replaced, or exchanged freely; with a much more modular design

This slot can be filled with various components. From a computer temperature reader, touchscreen application launcher; Qi wireless charger, drawing pad or pen tablet; audio mixer; monitor for CPU and GPU, to mug heater.

Razer envisions this module slot being magnetically attached to the desk. That way, users can easily swap out module parts when they have a new CPU or GPU, for example.

With 13 available module slots, the “Project Sophia” modular gaming PC is expected to allow users to install modules according to their daily needs.

Make it easy for users

A streamer, for instance; will be able to easily attach more capable speakers, microphones, and cameras; to stream without taking up much time.

For different scenarios, a video editor, for example, can add modules for mixing and editing that are more capable to support their work.

Razer complements the table that accommodates the 13 module slots; with a computer screen with a jumbo-sized OLED panel. Which is 65 inches or 77 inches.

Customizable PC components

This prototype Razer modular computer looks promising. Because users can customize PC components according to their needs in a more concise, fast and easy way. However, making modular computing devices a reality is a different matter.

Even today, the world of standardized PC assembly has different specifications for SSD (memory), motherboard socket, and RAM. Besides, this isn’t the first time Razer has showcased its prototype modular device.

Previous Modular Design

Previously, one of the modular design device ideas that Razer also showcased was the “Project Christine” modular gaming computer at CES 2014.

Regardless, unlike Project Sophia, Project Christine’s modular design is on a CPU-like rack that is transformed into several module slots. To date, not a single modular device from Razer’s “idea” has come true and released to the public.

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