Raditya Dika: An Inspiration for Aspiring Comedians


If you’re aspiring to become a comedian and a writer, then Raditya Dika is a person to look out for because of his talent for humor and creativity. This comic enthusiast also has a talent for writing novels based on his daily experiences.




Raditya Dika Angkasaputra Moerwani or often called Radith or Raditya is a young Indonesian writer who was born on December 28, 1984.


Apart from being a novelist, Raditya Dika is also an actor, comedian, and solo comedian. He spent his high school years at SMA 70 Bulungan and continued his education at Adelaide University, Australia – majoring in political science at the University of Indonesia.


Raditya Dika jump-started his career as a blogger with his blog called www.kambingjantan.com, which later became his first novel. He writes all his daily experiences in his blog while studying in Adelaide, Australia.


Then, Raditya Dika changed the name of his blog site to www.radityadika.com. www.kambingjantan.com and won an award at the Indonesian Blog Award along with an award from Indosat as The Online Inspiring.


Beginning of Success


Unexpectedly, his writing on the website www.kambingjantan.com attracted the attention of young Indonesian teenagers, which motivated Raditya Dika to print Kambing Jantan to become a novel. Finally, Kambing Jantan attracted the attention of a publisher who wanted to publish his novel.


Raditya Dika writes and gets ideas for his novels in a way that is not mainstream. One thing that makes him stand out from other writers is that he uses animal names in every book, which is his selling point.


Writing comedy for Raditya Dika doesn’t have to be funny, but it’s a unique way of conveying and perceiving humor in your own way that attracts attention.

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