Racist Cincinnati Cop Faces Disciplinary Hearing

After being captured on her own police body camera shouting the N-word while having a meltdown stalled in traffic, a Cincinnati police officer who has a history of domestic violence and is accused of utilising discriminatory policing has been suspended.

After making multiple rude comments to a nearby black student about moving her car, the student flipped Valentino off. Valentino snapped and made multiple comments including: “Oh, I hate them so much,” she said, as she punched her steering wheel. “I hate this f–g world. F–g n–, I f–g hate them.”

She continued cursing and then ended up cutting her body camera just moments later. The Cincinnati Police Department’s three-month internal investigation resulted in the revocation of Valentino’s police authority on Monday. The officer is currently anticipating the outcome of her disciplinary hearing, which will decide what sanctions will be implemented.

Now this isn’t the first time Valentino has been in trouble. She was named in a federal complaint brought against the city in 2019 by a realtor and a Black homebuyer who claimed that she and two other police had engaged in racial discrimination.

In front of the homebuyer’s 9-year-old son during the encounter in November, the officers forced two men out of a house they were seeing by gunpoint.

Off duty in 2020, she also got into a domestic fight with her sister during which she assaulted both her sibling and a male relative. She was suspended when she was detained for violent behavior. Because of the incident, she was mandated to take anger management classes, according to local ABC affiliate WCOP.

Despite her past problems, Valentino was able to maintain her position, which is typical in police enforcement. Officers can be disciplined for misbehavior, but many of them are able to regain their employment through internal arbitration, which almost usually supports returning the gun and badge to the officers, or by obtaining another law enforcement position in a different part of the state or country.

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