R.I.P Ipod. Apple To Discontinue Ipods

21 years ago, Apple had announced its first iPod, which had spectacular 10-hour battery life, and could hold up to 1,000 songs.


21 years later, Apple had sadly announced that the company would no longer be producing iPod. The last remaining stock of the iPods will be sold off.


Apple hasn’t given any official announcement as to why they’ve decided to take this step to discontinue iPods. However, it’s highly likely because the product’s sales have been declining rapidly over the last decade.


iPods have been around far longer than smartphones have. As the years go by, technology continuously grows, and new ideas are spilling out every year for Apple products. Nowadays, smartphones have the capabilities to hold music, store photos, browse the internet, and many more. Whereas the iPod could only be used to store music.


Not only can you use smartphones to surf through your music list, but we have technologies like Alexa and Google home that we can listen to music just by using our voice.


But in all fairness, Apple showed signs that the end was coming for the iPod. They hadn’t paid much attention to the product. The last iPod we got was the iPod touch, which debuted in 2012. Since then, all we had were two new generations of iPods, the 6th and 7th. For the past few years, Apple was mainly focusing on its best-selling products such as MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads. It was inevitable that the iPod was going to go at some point.


There’s no doubt that the iPod had its time under the spotlight. But like all other technologies like the brick phone, floppy disk, and telegraph, they all become obsolete, and there’s always a new technology to replace their spot.

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