‘Queendom 2’ – Episode 2, Round 1 Performances


The 2nd episode of Queendom 2 finally aired! Episode 2 was aired by MNet on 7 April 2022. Previously, we got to see performances from Hyolyn and VIVIZ where they got to perform their most representative songs.


Now, we got to see the rest of the groups, Brave Girls, LOONA, WJSN, and Kep1er perform and this is what they performed:


1. Kep1er – ‘WA DA DA’

As a rookie group that just debuted in 2022 this year, Kep1er performed their first title track ‘WA DA DA’. They showed their powerful charisma and stage presence even with minimal props and backup dancers. The members wore matching black tops and red cargo pants with checkered accents, and black boots for their stage outfits.


2. Brave Girls – ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ and ‘Rollin’’ (Remix)

Brave Girls served a powerful performance using props like taiko drums and sticks at the beginning of their performance. They showcased their stable vocals and both cheerful and powerful choreography with eye-catching metallic blue tops, leather black pants, and leather black boots.



3. WJSN – ‘As You Wish’

WJSN performed a rendition of their hit song ‘As You Wish’ with beautiful story-telling and an enchanting performance with props like a golden hourglass and elaborate choreographies with stunts. WJSN wore all white with sparkly silver accessories.


4. LOONA – ‘PTT (Paint the Town)’

Although LOONA couldn’t be present due to 11 out of 12 members having COVID-19, LOONA still performed with a historical set and theme, along with an arrangement with traditional instruments. LOONA wore traditional red and black outfits with red masks.


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