Quarantine Fashion Staples Must Haves

The COVID-19 pandemic presents to us several dilemmas on which we face, such as not being able to go out with your friends and loved ones. The inability to go outside means that our fashion choices may be severely limited from not being able to show off our sense of fashion. However, a trend is on the rise: Quarantine Fashion.

Loungewear is a must have that have soundlessly been creeping into mainstream fashion, even before quarantine – though being stuck at our homes gives even more of an emphasis towards still being fashionable yet comfy in our abode. This style of fashion apparently brings a positive mentality boost towards people, by feeling “pulled togethergained by putting more effort into our everyday outfits at home.

Here are some of the loungewear must haves:

  • Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters’ Urban Renewal Recycled Cow Dye Sweatshirt assures you that you still look fashionable by following the latest trend: tie-dye and cow prints.

(Urban Renewal Recycled Cow Dye Sweatshirt | Source: Urban Outfitters)
Urban Renewal Recycled Cow Dye Sweatshirt (source : Urban Outfitters).
  • Skims

Skims offers elegant and fashionable clothes that you can wear at home from robes, knit-set, thermal leggings and ribbed underwear. The most popular and highly coveted items are the “cozy knit robe”, “cozy knit tank” and “cozy knit pant” pieces from the Skims collection.

(Skims SILK BUTTON UP SHIRT | Source: Skims)
Skims SILK BUTTON UP SHIRT (source : Skims). 
  • Free People

For a more simpler-yet-elegant look, pieces such as a flowy two-pieces from Free People with an abundance of fun and quirky prints gives off a girly vibe.

(Free People's Goddess Lounge Pants | Source: Free People)
Free People’s Goddess Lounge Pants (source : Free People).

Despite having a major setback from the pandemic, we are still able to look fashionable with the latest trends – even though it’s inside your living room or taking a walk around your neighborhood.

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