Qatar Airways and Airbus Dispute Continues


The dispute between Qatar Airways and Airbus continues. The problem is still the same, namely the damage to the paint on the A350 aircraft.


In its latest broadcast on Friday (4/3/2022), Qatar Airways welcomed the decision of the British High Court on Friday 18 February 2022 which issued an order against Airbus.


“The essence of the order is that Airbus must not do anything from the time the order was issued until the date of a follow-up hearing in April that could adversely affect its ability to comply with a court order obtained by Qatar Airways in relation to the cancellation of the A321 contract,” the airline said.


As the order was obtained from the courts, there will be serious consequences for Airbus if this is violated,” they added.


This decision by the High Court, the airline said, would help protect Qatar Airways from any future attempts by Airbus to demonstrate that it was unable to comply with the terms of the A321 contract.


“Qatar Airways also notes with surprise the remarks made by the CEO of Airbus at a press briefing regarding the company’s latest earnings when referring to this litigation. We have to take steps to protect ourselves and protect the company and that’s basically what we do. do, but obviously, we are continuing to try to resolve this in a more friendly way,” they said.


Furthermore, it is important to underline that neither Qatar Airways nor its legal team is aware of any attempt by Airbus to try to resolve the issue in a friendly manner. In reality, the actual situation is the opposite.


Qatar Airways was surprised to see Airbus’ latest attempt to try to end their own contractual commitment to building a root cause analysis of the damage to the A350’s surface. The condition called “Accelerated Surface Degradation (or Accelerated Surface Degradation)” impacts the A350 aircraft type.


Qatar Airways will continue its legal efforts to encourage Airbus to conduct a proper, thorough and transparent investigation into the A350’s surface defects, to establish the conclusive causes and root causes of the aircraft’s surface defects.


In a further development, Qatar Airways regretfully advises that regulator Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA), has now revoked the Airworthiness Review Certificate for the additional A350 aircraft.


“Now a total of twenty-two (22) Airbus A350 aircraft are grounded. This decision has been taken by our regulators as all these aircraft have suffered damage as a result of the Accelerated Degradation Condition on the A350 Surface which is outside the tolerance limits set by Airbus, “ said the airline.


QCAA will not allow this aircraft to return to service until a full and conclusive root cause analysis has been completed. The impact on sustainable airworthiness has been established and solutions have been found to fix the root cause and repair the damage permanently.

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