Putin Confiscates 637 Airbus and Boeing Planes, This is the Effect on Russia


Through the latest regulations, Russian President Vladimir Putin has confiscated 637 planes belonging to Airbus and Boeing as a result of Western sanctions. There is an effect on Russia.


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday (14/3/2022) imposed new rules to counter-sanctions imposed by Western countries. This time, he pushed for regulations that would allow Russian airlines to take over their fleet of planes leased from Western companies.


Citing CNN International, the way the confiscation works is by allowing Russian airlines to register their chartered planes with local authorities. This will complicate the claims of the owner companies because they must obtain permission from the competent authorities.


“This is part of the government’s anti-sanctions measures that will allow Russian airlines to register aircraft leased from foreign companies in Russia, where they will be issued with local airworthiness certificates,” the Kremlin statement said.


Russian airlines themselves use a lot of planes belonging to Western countries. On average, the planes that are leased are planes made by United States (US) companies, namely Boeing, and also made in Europe, Airbus.


Western aircraft manufacturers, such as Airbus and Boeing, have cut off Russian airlines’ access to the spare parts they need to maintain and fly the jets safely.


This puts the safety of flying the 305 Airbus and 332 Boeing aircraft in Russia in big question. This is 85% of the number of commercial aircraft used by the country.


Even so, the managing director of the aerospace consulting firm AeroDynamic Advisory, Richard Aboulafia, is of the view that this confiscation rule does not mean anything to Western countries. He said it was a danger to the safety of Russian civil aviation by flying the plane without the proper parts.


“It’s a real problem if they lose their airworthiness certificate, which can happen if proper records are not kept, or especially if they are cannibalized for spare parts,” he explained.


In addition, the same view is also expressed by credit analysts who include the aircraft leasing company at Standard & Poor’s, Betsy Snyder. He said that currently many Russian citizens are discouraged from traveling by air because of the post-sanctioned economic crisis.


“Nobody is going in and out of Russia, Russians are losing their money so they don’t have money to travel forward. It could be (airlines) going to be a much smaller business,” he said.


Russia also has 83 regional jets produced by western companies, such as Bombardier, Embraer, and ATR. So far, only 144 aircraft have been produced by the Russian company

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