Puppy Blues and Winter Blues

Christmas is around! Some people will definitely be getting new pets as their presents. Getting a new pet as a Christmas present can be great. After these tough couple of years, they can help improve your mental health, and they teach kids responsibility and care. However, it is also important for the parents to really think about how the new pet will be taken care of and be given the life they truly deserve.

Getting a puppy sounds and seems great on paper, but for a lot of dog owners, the puppy stage is the hardest part. Puppies do well with structure, so potty, crate and leash training should start from day 1. Everyone should also be ready for furniture and shoes to get chewed as they start teething. Puppies are very adorable and charming, but they also need a lot of discipline. As they teethe, they’ll also start nipping at you, which you’ll have to correct.

People have their own expectations of what getting a puppy would be like. A lot of love, cuddles and walks. But sometimes, when reality doesn’t measure up with those expectations, it can bring about disappointment and anxiety. Many people tend to get Puppy Blues in the first few days or maybe even months. It resolves itself after 6 months to one year, usually after the puppy’s adolescence phase. Puppy blues can arise because of the general anxiety of providing a good enough home for your dog or sleepless nights and a change in your schedule and routine. But it’s important to remember that it’s all completely normal. It’s really important to talk to someone about this.

No one will ever be a perfect owner, and everyone is bound to make mistakes. With information at the tip of your fingertips, it will be great to do your research about your dog, whether it’s their needs or potential behaviour problems. Owning a pet is a really big commitment financially, which you have to prepare for.

Taking care of another living being’s life is a massive responsibility and can be nerve-wracking. This is why it’s really important to get everyone to agree before getting a dog and to have clear rules. Don’t get your kids or families a dog if you’re not willing to love them through the hard parts as well. A dog can really do wonders and add so much value into your lives just as long as you try your best and love them as much as they love you.

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