PSY And BTS’ Suga’s “That That” Becomes The Fastest K-Pop MV Of 2022 To Hit 100 Million Views.


PSY And BTS’ Suga’s “That That” Becomes Fastest K-Pop MV Of 2022 To Hit 100 Million Views.


In just one week, the music video for PSY and BTS’ Suga’s new collaboration track has surpassed 100 million views, making it the fastest K-pop mv of 2022 to do so.


PSY, the Korean pop icon, has returned with his new hit collaboration single “That That” which features BTS’ Suga. Along with making an appearance on the song, Suga also produced the song, as he has done previously with many of BTS’ songs.


PSY and Suga are seen dressed as cowboys in the music video, which is set in the wild west, and dance to the lively song while singing about the pandemic coming to an end finally.



When PSY and Suga teased “That That” earlier this week, they confessed Suga was not initially supposed to appear on the track.


The BTS member stated “To be honest, I haven’t gotten that close with anyone I collaborate with, it’s because I’m not usually the type to meet up with collaborators in person. But he wanted to see me in person” explained PSY wanted to meet up with him.


Suga also admitted to being “nervous” about working with an artist like PSY. “He’s many years my senior and someone who’s so well respected in the business. It felt like working with a childhood friend, so it made the songwriting process that much more fun.” 


The two well-known and successful artists have made K-pop history yet again. PSY and SUGA, congratulations on reaching 100 million views in just one week with the hit song “That That”

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