PS4 Games Releases Are Expected To Come To An End In 2025.


If you’re not planning on buying the PS5 anytime soon, you’d want to re-think your choices.


The PS5 has been available for over a year now, and the consoles sold out almost immediately on its release date. Sony will be trying hard to increase production of the PS5 to catch up with demands.


Despite the effort, Sony is going through the transition from the old generation console to the new generation console; it will take a while. Sony explained that with the massive success of the PS4, it wouldn’t be going away anytime soon.


Sony had recently held an investor presentation, where they compared its platform in three different years: 2019, 2022, and 2025.


The statistic showed that in 2019, PS4 made up to 90% of Sony releases. 2022 showed around 35% of releases on the PS5.


To get around those numbers, the message here is that Sony has plans to stop supporting the PS4 by 2025 latest. There is, however, no news on what Sony has in plan for 2024, but most likely, Sony will stop supporting the old gen platform by then.


It was inevitable for the PS4 to come to an end. The shift slowly started when Sony released Demon souls and Ratchet & Clank being only exclusive to the PS5.


There were, however, major game releases on both consoles. Sony had released Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War Ragnarok.


Once Sony decides to do the full transition from PS4 to the PS5, it will be big news for Playstation fans. The fans will be left with the decision of buying the new console for a better gaming experience or to stick with the PS4 with just further updates to the console.

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