Privacy Features On Apple iOS 15.2 Updates

Apple’s new operating system update, iOS 15.2, which brought various updates in the privacy sector began to be rolled out to the iPhone. Previously, iOS 15.2 rolled out as a beta version for some time. According to Apple notes uploaded by 9to5Mac and MacRumors, this update includes:


1.      The Digital Legacy Program, which allows users to set who will have access to the user’s iCloud and iPhone data, in the case when you die.

2.      The App Privacy Report, which shows the permissions used by various user apps and the websites connected to them.

3.      Apple USD 4.99 Voice-only plan for Apple Music

4.      Fix for macro mode on iPhone 13 Pro camera.


Quoting The Verge, the iOS 15.2 update will also bring a number of security features in Apple’s communications. One of its features is that Apple obfuscates iMessages sent to children whose scan tags on their devices are potentially explicit messages.

The feature is one of Apple’s controversial changes to address child abuse. In it, Apple involves scanning photos on the device that are uploaded to iCloud. In expansion, Apple will too inform parents in case their child sees an picture that has been hailed as inappropriate.


Security Features for Children in iMessage


In any case, Apple is deferring the photo library scanning include and permitting children to select whether they will inform their parents in the event that they get an picture they regard improper.

iOS 15.2 will also bring changes to Safari and Siri that will direct users to resources, if they are looking for topics related to child abuse material.

The iOS 15.2 update also includes a service history feature and which parts of the iPhone have been replaced and used official parts from Apple.

Apple confirms the second-generation of iPhone XR, XS, and SE will report that the battery has been replaced. In addition, the iPhone 11 will also indicate whether the screen has been replaced or not.


Service History and Component Replacements


For iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models, iOS 15.2 will show information if the camera has been replaced.

The history of this fix can be found in Settings > General > About, under the software name and version.  If the user has not replaced the device’s battery, screen or camera, no information will be shown.

To download iOS 15.2, users can go to Settings > General > Software Update.

If it already exists, iPhone users can download and update. But if it’s not there, users can wait for it while continuing to check whether this iOS update has been rolled out to all users.

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