Prison Playbook: The Series that You Won’t Forget in Your Life

Some people say this K-Drama or K-series is the best and rare in the series industry. I’d try to watch until episode 16, and the result is like they say. I started to like this series or drama. Not to mention there are many good series besides this one, but this series or drama can be the starter for all of you that want to start watching or streaming many other K-dramas or series in the future.

Let me summarize this series plot in short. Baseball star player, Kim Jae Hyuk, must go to prison because he beats his sister’s sexual attacker to death. He loses his fame, money, and his girlfriend because of what he does. He receives 1-year prison sentence due to his excessive force. Devastated, he must adapt to prison life. Meanwhile, his friend, Joon-Ho, is waiting for his arrival.


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This drama or series has many reasons why you should watch it for the first time. Let me persuade you further.

The first reason is the originality of the series itself. The idea for inmates’ life is not for everyone nowadays. There are series or dramas that become favourites just by having high-profile stars. This series is the exact opposite. The originality of the idea becomes the main concern. It’s so raw and magnificent. Not all scriptwriter has this interesting idea that will be filmed the next day. We are presented with how life works in prison. Pure genius!

The second reason is the ambience or vibe. The vibe in this drama is warmth and not dragging each’s role. They just let the role embedded in their act and play nicely along with the series. The cast itself is not high-profile stars. The geniuses for the director play an important part in this series. It’s like “Let’s put all the best-supporting actors in this drama”. The result? You can see by yourself.

These two reasons for me are not enough for describing how brilliant this drama is. But, the message that is delivered in this drama is also a good one. You see the unfairness of the law for some inmates receive and how they fix their mistakes. Well, there is always be a bad person who remained even he or she is in jail for his crime. The hilarious interaction between the cast also adds positive vibes in dark comedy.

Trust me, this K-drama is worth staying up late!

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