Price Cuts, RDNA 3 Details, and More: This Week On AMD and Graphics Cards

The next iteration of graphics cards is near, and AMD broke the news first with its RDNA 3 GPUs. Though the official release date is November 3rd, less than a month after the upcoming 4090 Ti’s release date, the hype is on for both sides; with just a little over 2 weeks till the 4090 Ti is up for grabs and about a month for the RDNA 3.

While details remain scarce, we do know that the GPUs will utilize a chiplet structure, one that is akin to the Ryzen products. AMD CEO Lisa Su also confirmed that the new series will make use of TSMC 5nm process nodes; just one nm off from the ones featuring in the RTX 4000 series, but AMD hasn’t shown its trump card just yet. According to Lisa, the new RDNA 3 GPUs are capable of delivering 50% more performance per watt than the existing top-of-the-line Radeon GPUs; a promising statement. The company has also lowered the GPU prices they are currently offering, with varied cuts. Some models have larger reductions than others, like the RX 6900 XT, now priced at $699, $300 off its launch pricing.


p class=”MsoNormal”>While Nvidia is slightly ahead with the attention thanks to the shorter release date of its new GPU, it is undeniable that AMD may still offer some strong points for the RDNA 3 series GPUs. Besides, the reveal of the RTX 4000’s benchmarks may help as a baseline for the new AMD graphics cards, or a reason to improve it even further before its release. Nevertheless, only consumers can decide who comes out on top with the forthcoming generations of GPUs, assuming everything won’t be hoarded by resellers.

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