Friday, December 3, 2021

President Jokowi Appreciates Teachers’ Dedication during Pandemic on National Teachers Day

President Joko Widodo, commonly known as Jokowi, appreciates teachers’ struggle during the pandemic. He conveys his appreciation to commemorate National Teachers Day. He expects teachers to continuously come up with new ways of teaching to ensure that Indonesia’s education is still going on despite the pandemic.     

President Jokowi tweeted on his Twitter, “Almost two years in the shroud of the pandemic, our education is still running thanks to the innovation, creativity, and dedication of the teachers in guarding the education of the young generation”. 

He attached a picture of a teacher and three students crossing a bridge in his tweet. He put the greeting “Happy National Teachers Day” at the top of the picture. President Jokowi ended his tweet by encouraging all stakeholders to recover the education sector that has been affected by the pandemic. “Now, while working hard to end this pandemic, let us hold hands to recover our education together.”

76 years after the Indonesian Teacher Congress on 24 – 25 November 1945, Surakarta, teachers’ welfare remains a fundamental problem. The government recruits honorary teachers through the Government Employee Work Agreements (PPPK). However, the current recruitment method is considered unable to improve the welfare of teachers. This is because not all honorary teachers can pass the recruitments.

On Wednesday, Satriwan Salim, the National Coordinator of the Education and Teacher Association (P2G) said that, “Although there are already PPPK, they have not accommodated the presence of almost 1.5 million honorary teachers. The selection of new PPKK teachers accommodates 173,000 honorary teachers from formations that have opened up to 506 thousand nationally”.

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