Porsche Took Two AWD 911s Up the World’s Highest Volcano


The last time the world saw a vehicle traversing an active volcano was on Top Gear, and it was a modified Hilux, driven by two of the blokes from the original presenter trio. This time round, it isn’t James May in a Toyota, it’s a Porsche 911.



Porsche recently released photos showing two extensively modified 992s on the gravels of Ojos del Salado in Chile, the tallest volcano in the world. With a team commanded by renowned endurance racer Romain Dumas, it’s an expedition that he deemed “truly memorable”. Obstacles on this venture included freezing temperatures and high altitude, which both cars handled brilliantly. There’s some slight damage on the front right bumper of the white 911, but given the trail that they had to traverse, ‘tis but a scratch.



Both cars are based off the all-wheel-drive Carrera 4S, leaving the seven-speed manual transmission and the 3.0-liter flat six engine stock. That’s 443 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque driven to all four wheels via what Porsche dubs the “Warp-Connector”. A system designed for the tracks, it provides constant wheel load thanks to the linkage of all wheels, and is built to take on even the most extreme of articulations.



Aside from the obvious wider fender flares, it also has 12.2-inch-wide offroad tires, heavy-duty portal axles, manual locking differentials, and a lifted suspension giving the sportscar a ground clearance of 13.7 inches. Probably the highest a 992 has ever gotten. Aside from that, it also features roof racks and added lower gear ratios for better climbing ability, and essential synthetic fiber underbody protection to shield the vehicles from heat and potential damage. The livery in black is an original design by Weissach, while the white one mimics Porsche’s 963 LMDh racecars.



Seeing the latest 911s with jacked up suspension on an active volcano almost seems like something out of a Hot Wheels movie. It’s always great to see irregular builds like this; though this isn’t the first 911 in history to leave its comfort zone. Whatever comes out of this expedition, will surely contribute to the now-confirmed incoming 911 Dakar model.



p dir=”ltr”>(Images sourced from Porsche)

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