Pokémon Snacks that are too Adorable to Resist!

The Pokémon craze is back, especially with Pokémon stickers that you can get by purchasing these adorable Pokémon snacks!


Pokémon Bread


You have to try these Pokémon bread available in Korea as you can get random character stickers of different types of 159 Pokémon inside the packaging! These are the craze right now as this was popular back in 1998 and got discontinued in 2006.


Pokémon Biscuits

For a more savory treat, get these butter biscuits that have 57 types of different Pokémon biscuit shapes!


Pokémon Breath Candies

Keep your breath fresh in a fun way with white and yellow breath candies! Despite being sweet candies, they’ll still keep your breath fresh and clean.


Pokémon Cup Noodle

Who doesn’t love cup noodles? Make eating noodles funner with these Pikachu Cup Noodles that have Pikachu printed kamoboko, which is artificial fish used in many ramen dishes. It’s too cute to eat!


Pokémon Edition Oreos

Nothing can go wrong with classic Oreos, but this time you can discover all 16 types of Pokémon designs on the Oreo cookie!


Pokémon Wafer Cookies

If you want a light and airy snack, these Pokémon wafer cookies are perfect! You don’t only get a treat but you can even get special Pokémon stickers!


Pokémon Ramune

Ramune is a Japanese carbonated soft drink that is sealed with a round marble at the top. This Pokémon ramune is so adorably packaged that you can try collecting all the bottles.


Pokémon Chocolate

Get these cute Pokémon designed chocolates for yourself or as a sentimental gift for your lover, friends, and family! They don’t have to like Pokémon as the designs are too cute anyways.

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