Pokemon Hotel Opens With Merch And Cool Rooms

Pokemon recently teamed up with a streetwear designer and luxury hotel to provide a Pokemon hotel experience.

The Pokemon franchise is moving over to the hotel industry with their Inn Thunderbolt Project. Hypebeast Japan reports that “Sequence,” a Shibuya hotel, has given its sixteenth floor to the pocket monsters.

Staff have redone the rooms to have a Pokemon Theme. You got rare candy pillow mints, pokedex books, and the walls are painted to show the old school pixelated game screen that everyone has seen. While at the hotel, guests can also buy exclusive Pokemon merch that won’t appear anywhere else.

Japanese artist Hiroshi Fujiwara, founder of “fragment design” streetwear, helped design the rooms. The Pokemon rooms are here to stay, until March 20 that is. Unfortunately, Japan is still under strict international travel restrictions, so it’s only available to citizens in the country already.

Pokemon is making a resurgence after a while. Pokemon Unite came out in 2021 followed by the remake of Diamond and Pearl. Many people complained about the chibi style, but a lot of people still bought and enjoyed it.

Now, they have Pokemon Legends Arceus coming out on January 28. If you look it up on Youtube, some people are already playing it in advance. Arceus is a brand new edition to the game where the player can explore an open world environment of Pokemon-style feudal Japan. It takes place in the past of Generation 4, showing out ancestors came up with the first pokedex.

One night stay will cost 97,560 yen, which is $850 USD. You better be a huge Pokemon and Japan fan to stay for that much.

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