Platform Shoes That Are a Must Have!

Platform shoes are one of the fashion trends from the early 2000s that still stay as an iconic fashion staple now.


Platform shoes not only give a unique silhouette but are also versatile and give you that extra height boost.


Not to mention, a lot of popular and mainstream shoe brands are adding platform shoes to their collection, such as Converse, Doc Martens; and even famous sports brands (Adidas and Nike).


Platform shoes are not only limited to platform heels but also a bunch of other varieties, for instance, platform sneakers.


Here is a list of platform shoes that you should add to your closet!


Converse Run Star Hike

Converse has recently made platform shoes in their Run Star Hike collection. These sneakers look like your regular Converse but with a thick sole and ribbed details that make them look unique.


Simon Miller Platform Sandals 

This Vegan Platform Bubble Clogs from SIMON MILLER is perfect for a simple casual outfit, as all the attention will go to the sandals – creating a balanced look.


Bottega Veneta Supergloss Calfskin Buckle Platform Pumps

Go for a fancy night out with this Bottega platform pumps to create a statement look!


Dr. Marten’s Devon Heart Leather Platform Boots

Go with a classic look with Dr. Marten’s but with heart-shaped buckles that give personality and an elevated look with platform soles.


Steve Madden Platform Flip Flops

Bringing back a trend from the 90’s, Steve Madden is keeping the trend alive with these cute and iconic platform flip flops.


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