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Pikmin Bloom

Real events will be held for two consecutive weeks in April

Pikmin Bloom players, it looks like this month is going to be really rough.

So, in this 337th playlog, I will introduce the Nemophila Community Day and the suddenly announced real event in Sapporo.

I’m happy about the event, but it’s so rushed that everyone in the Pic Club is confused.

Let’s check the various schedules first.


Nemophila Community Day

First, let’s review the monthly community day.

This timeA precious day where blue is the main colorYou can also enjoy the sight of the beautiful nemophila colors filling the game screen.

[Community of the Month]
■ Date and time
・All day Saturday, April 15, 2023

■ Reward
・Achieve 10,000 steps
→Obtain the nemophila flower badge

■Normal bonus
– Seedlings grow 1.5 times faster
→Further increase during flower planting

・Plant flowers with normal petals (red, yellow, and blue)
→ Nemophila blooms from Big Flower
*Reduced time from full bloom to leaves to 3 hours

■ Special bonus
・ Challenge the paid “special theme ticket”
→ Get special bonuses

Origin of nemophila

Basically the same as before, plus a paid“Special Themed Ticket”It is a feeling that is prepared.

This “special theme ticket” can be purchased until Saturday, April 15th.The deadline for clearing is until the next day, April 16 (Sun).It has become.

If you are interested, please consider purchasing it.


Real event in Sapporo on April 23rd

The one that surprised everyone today is here, which will be held in Sapporo the week after Commudy.“Pikmin Bloom Tour Sapporo”It’s a guide.

this isPre-registration free eventThe winner will be selected from within the app.Invite up to 5 friendscan.

First of all, let’s check the schedule of the day and the information about participation.

[Details of Sapporo event]
■ Date and time
・Sunday, April 23, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

■ Venue
・Central Sapporo

■ Guideline for walking
・About 6 kilometers around all special spots

■ Participation fee
*Transportation expenses, etc., must be borne by the participant.

■Gift distribution location for ticket holders
・Sapporo City Kita 3-jo Square (
Google Maps)

■Gifts for ticket holders
・Pikmin paper sun visor and event map

■ Lottery application period
・April 3, 2023 (Monday) 01:00 to April 7, 2023 (Friday) 6:00 PM

■Lottery application qualification
・Users who own an account for this work (excluding child accounts)

■ Announcement of winners
Saturday, April 8, 2023


The tour that was announced this timeFirst time onlyThat means.

from now on,Held in new regionsI’m saying that.

In addition, the in-game badges that can be obtained on the day in Sapporo are“Sapporo 2023” engravedis done.

This is one of the longstanding features of Pokemon GO.

This time in “Pikmin Bloom”Design as iswill be held inplace name changesSo, players who say “Sapporo is too far away” or “I can’t do it because the announcement is too sudden” will be held in the futureNearest area (area undecided)It would be nice to aim for .

Finally, the official website link for the Sapporo event explained above (here) is left.

Be sure to check the target pageIn addition, we want you to perform presence or absence of participation and offer.

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PN Fukatsuan
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