Pie Options for Your Thanksgiving Dessert

Thanksgiving is almost here. Besides expressing your gratitude towards the loved one, a super feast will be served at noon. You will see various menus that only serve every Thanksgiving, specifically roasted turkey, potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and last but not least pie.

Pie is essential for Thanksgiving even before Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving as a national holiday in 1863. Pumpkin pie has been served on Thanksgiving tables since then, but you can also replace this dessert with another delicious pie to be served on your dining table. Here are some pie options that may suit better for your taste.


Apple Pie

Image source: pinterest.com

One kind of pie with apples as a key ingredient is originally from England. As its name suggests, this pie is filled with slices of apple mixed with brown sugar and cinnamon. It is often served with ice cream, whipped cream, or cheddar cheese. Sometimes the pie has double crusts with pastry both above and below the filling, the upper crust may be solid or lattice.


Pecan Pie

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Filled with pecan nuts, this pie has been a holiday meal in the United States. The filling is pecans mixed with eggs, butter, and sugar. In other variations, brown sugar, cane syrup, molasses, maple syrup or honey are added. It can be served with whipped cream too.


Sweet Potato Pie

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Made from sweet potato, milk, eggs, and sugar mixture, sweet potato pie is a traditional dessert in the Southern United States among the African American community. This pie is usually served on Thanksgiving and Christmas in a place for pumpkin pie.

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