PH Passport: World’s 80th most powerful passport for Q3 2022

With access to 67 destinations, Henley Passport Index Q3: 2022 Global ranking named Philippines as the 80th country with the most powerful passports for 2022.

On July 20, the ranking was released by British immigration consultancy Firm Henley & Partners. It is the latest to its quarterly list. The passports were ranked according to the number of destinations wherein their card holders can enter visa-free.

Among 199 countries in the list, Philippines shares the 80th spot with Cape Verde Islands and Uganda. In the same quarter in 2021, the country ranked 82nd with access to 66 destinations.

Meanwhile, other Asian countries like Japan, Singapore and South Korea made it to the top of the list. The list revealed that Japan has the most powerful passport in the world. To date, Japan Passport cardholders can enjoy 193 crossable destinations. Singapore and South Korea shares the 2nd spot while European countries like Germany and Spain holds the 3rd spot followed by Finland, Italy, and Luxemburg at the 4th spot. Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, and Sweden sealed the 5th spot.

Top 5 countries with the most powerful passport:

  • 1.      Japan (193)
  • 2.      Singapore (192)
  • South Korea (192)
  • 3.      Germany (190)
  • Spain (190)
  • 4.      Finland (189)
  • Italy (189)
  • Luxembourg (189)
  • 5.      Austria (188)
  • Denmark (188)
  • Netherlands (188)
  • Sweden (188) 



p class=”MsoNormal” style=”line-height: normal;background: white”>According to the list, Iraq and Afghanistan Passport cardholders has the least number of crossable destinations.



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