Peugeot Reveals Inception Concept, Radically Designed AWD EV With 671 HP


CES 2023 (Consumer Electronics Show) has brought on some.. Interesting concepts. One of which is Peugeot’s Inception four-door, an electric sedan with an abstract design in and out – complete with a glass greenhouse.

Built as a vision of their upcoming electric models in 2025, the Inception has an all-wheel-drive, dual-motor configuration that grants it 671 horsepower. The marque claims a 0-62 mph of less than 3 seconds, which is to be expected. Stellantis’ STLA Large Platform is its chassis, spanning over 5 meters in length and 1.34 meters tall. As for the power source, it has an 800-volt, 100 kWh battery that, on a full charge, allows for a supposed range of 800 kilometers.



Aside from the front and back ends looking like a miniature E3 presentation stage, the glass used for the canopy isn’t run-of-the-mill; rather, it’s Narima glass, the same one you can find in astronaut helmets as visors, glazed and treated with metal oxide. That’s also what gives the yellowish-green hue on the glass. Taking up 78 square feet of the car, it doubles as a panoramic roof, and you won’t return to find the car has turned into a chemical sauna on a sunny day, for the glass keeps temperatures stable. The aerodynamic wheels almost seem like high-end roombas. The small black bar on the sides that look like graphics cards actually display messages to the driver and passenger(s) before entering, and we can already see what some imaginative folks will be doing with it.



Climb aboard and you’ll find the ‘Hypersquare’ interior that looks like it’s made up of PlayStation 4s, a step-up from their i-Cockpit design philosophy. The circular speedometer is what Peugeot calls the Halo cluster, and the eye-catching rounded rectangular steering wheel has four rings which serve as controls for various functions such as climate controls and media volume, all at the comfort of your thumb. Additionally, the manufacturer promises to add a working model by the end of this decade, but only time can tell if they will keep their word, and if they made it intuitive enough not to get blasted by their consumer base.



With STLA AutoDrive onboard, the steering wheel can retract thanks to steer-by-wire tech, and the dashboard will transform into a comfort-oriented cabin when Level 4 autonomous driving is engaged. It’s certainly neat, but we’re already seeing several safety flaws. Best assume autonomous driving has been perfected in its intended era.


It’s worth noting that the Inception has several design cues from a previous concept car, the e-Legend, which may have set off some deja-vu; at least it did, for me. While there’s still bits of the french automaker in this concept, we can’t help but think of it as a rolling graphics card, which becomes much more relevant with its video game-inspired steering wheel.

(Images sourced from Peugeot)

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