Personal And Business Outsourcing

This is an article about how to navigate the world of personal outsourcing as an entrepreneur or freelancer. It will take you on a fun journey, explaining how to build a small business, optimize the current work you do or start a new creative project using outsourcing platforms alone.


You’ll also discover the many benefits of using personal and business outsourcing/online-only hiring for your education, global development, and the planet’s well-being.


This article is also potentially valuable for many other readers: people intending to enter the freelancing marketplaces, entrepreneurs seeking to save time and money, digital nomads, and people working in the creative industries.


This article aims to enrich your journey towards a new world of work.


You’ll learn how to navigate the gig economy’s infrastructure for better personal entrepreneurial success, should that be your desire.


Remote working, hiring people you will only ever know virtually, and working with people you never physically met are now more prevalent.


This is partly due to the destructive waves of the COVID-19 pandemic and now many of these recent changes in the meaning of work – like the proliferation of zoom meetings, working from home, and perhaps watching live streams.


This article is to show you that not only can remote-only hiring work but that it is often a better, faster, and more productive way to work than traditional practices, especially if you fully embrace the idea that you will never meet your co-workers.



The Benefits of Outsourcing


Core benefits to many people hiring or being hired this way to build a business or project that can work and bring in profit include:


•         Deliver projects while you work anywhere you like on the planet.  • Hire and create things with less risk at a low cost.

•         Educate yourself about multiple things at the same time while working on tangible projects (rather than hypothetically as you would at school).

•         Make money from others while working on exciting projects.

•         Upskilling in new areas without encountering a rigid barrier to entry, either educational or geographical.

•         Work from any place with a good internet connection – mountains, beaches, and chase the sun all year round, if cold winters are not your thing.



It’s also important to mention that working as a freelancer or hiring people who work freelance, you must be aware that it requires a great deal of personal and professional discipline to be successful.


The traditional school and office environments are not designed to develop entrepreneurs, freelancers, and independent thinkers.


These environments are structured to kill creativity and independent thinking due to the risks involved.


Successful you will need the tools of personal and professional discipline.


This starts with something as simple as getting eight hours of sleep a night and living a healthy lifestyle; there can only be a failure without discipline.


I hope this article will be a helpful chart for those who choose to sail the waters of the online-only gig economy.

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