Paul McCartney Becomes Glastonbury’s Oldest Ever Headliner.


Glastonbury Festival came back to Worthy Farm this week and the star-studded lineup was completed with an appearance by former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney, making him the oldest ever headlining act at the festival.


The 80-year-old has had many iconic songs and songwriting credits to his name during his illustrious career, including penning the lyrics to the famous Bond song ‘Live and Let Die’. McCartney treated the field of fans to a three-hour set, including guest singers such as Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters and Bruce Springsteen.


There was even an appearance from former bandmate John Lennon, thanks to a recording of him singing in the 1960s projected onto a big screen. McCartney sang along with the deceased icon, to the delight of Beatles fans around the world.


Sir Paul had the 10:30 pm time slot and his gig finished around 1 am, impressing fans on social media with his stamina and longevity. Some criticized his setlist, saying they didn’t recognize some of the songs, but another pointed out that his career has spanned nearly 60 years, so of course, there will be older songs not necessarily recognized by the younger generations.


McCartney also posted to social media that this gig was his 500th show with his traveling band, an incredible milestone to hit on such a special occasion. Overall, fans enjoyed the set and were complimentary about it, and saw it as a privilege to be able to watch him live.

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