Patriarchal Belief in Thailand

Nowadays, there are many people who are still suffering from the inequalities and the effects of a patriarchal system. Especially in Thaïland, other genders are not regarded as important as men in society. The effects do not only affect those who are not masculine, but also those who are literally straight men. This problem has rooted in social norms and can hardly be solved. On the contrary, ever since the beginning of the year 2021, there are many flash mobs and social movements that go against the patriarchal system. As of today, I’m going to tell you about those beliefs in the patriarchal system in Thailand so that you can understand more about our country.

First, we have to understand that in some families, males and females have different roles. Many people in Thailand who have mixed bloodlines, especially the family whose ancestors came from China, believe that men don’t have to do any housework. Hence, those tasks such as cleaning the house, washing dishes, and doing laundry are only women’s responsibilities.

In addition, people always think that men have to give up their seats for women. When Thai people are in a public place such as on the sky train or bus, if there is only one seat left, men will have to give up the seat to the woman. This is because people normally believe that every male body is stronger than the female. Thus, the one who has a stronger body will have to stand instead of sit. Plus, if they do not give their seat to the woman, they could be considered petty.

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