Patient Who Received A Genetically Modified Pigs Heart In A Transplant Surgery Dies.


The University of Maryland Medical Center released a statement saying that a 57-year-old Maryland man died after receiving a genetically modified pig heart in a unique transplant surgery for the first time.


David Bennett, a Maryland resident, was 57 years old. He had chronic heart disease and had volunteered to get the experimental pig’s heart after being turned down for a human heart on many occasions. According to the medical center, David Bennett died on Tuesday after his condition had deteriorated for several days. According to the news release, he was administered palliative care and could speak with his family during his final hours.


It was uncertain whether his body had rejected the new organ; a hospital representative stated no identifiable cause had been established. Administrators at the hospital said they couldn’t comment on death’s grounds because his doctors have not completed a comprehensive assessment yet. The findings will be published in a peer-reviewed medical publication.


According to Dr. Bartley Griffith, the surgeon who performed the transplant surgery, the hospital’s team was “devastated” by Mr. Bennett’s death.


Doctors removed three genes from the donor pig to prevent human immune systems from rejecting pig organs, and one gene was removed to avoid excessive pig heart tissue growth. Six human genes that control antibody acceptance were added.


According to the medical center, the transplanted heart functioned well for several weeks with no signs of rejection.


Initially, Mr. Bennett’s transplant was declared successful. Because the pig’s heart was not instantly rejected and continued to function for well over a month, it was nevertheless considered a big step forward for transplant patients.


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