Park So Dam Diagnosed With Cancer

South Korean actress Park So Dam has been diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer.

The 30-year-old star is most notably known for her role in the Oscar-winning film ‘Parasite’ which promoted her to global fame. Park earned herself worldwide fans as she played Ki-Jung, the daughter of the Kim family, or rather the art therapist.

Park’s agency, ArtistCompany, revealed details of the actress’ cancer battle through a statement sent to CNN, announcing that she has undergone surgery following a recent health check.

Her agency also stated that she will be focusing on her recovery to ensure she can get back to working and meeting fans in healthy condition as soon as possible. ArtistCompany will also be doing its best to help her recover.

Park was also said to be “very disappointed” that she will be missing out on the press tour of her new movie ‘Special Delivery’.

“The company would like to once again thank all the people for showing support for Special Delivery and actress Park So Dam, as well as the actors and crew of Special Delivery overcoming this difficult time together,” the representative stated.

What is papillary thyroid cancer?

According to the Mayo Clinic, it is the most common form of thyroid cancer, and most often occurs between the ages of 30 to 50.

Although it has a more hopeful prognosis than other cancers, there is no certain cause behind it which means prevention relies heavily on early detection.

“If you experience any signs or symptoms that worry you, make an appointment with your doctor,” the Mayo Clinic advises.

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