Paradox Reveals Additional Features for CK3’s Royal Court Expansion

Beginning from last week, it looks like Paradox has been teasing us fans with some additional content for their upcoming expansion, called Royal Court. As it will be coming out around a couple of months from now, Paradox seems to want to feature a few more things for us.

Last week, they’d revealed a ‘Photomode’ for the scenes in your character’s court. As the name implies, it lets you take pictures of your court. The mode lets you view the court in several angles, hide characters for room-focused shots, and of course hide the UI. This one is a bit of a minor quality of life feature. However, yesterday, they’d revealed quite an interesting addition.

Royal Court is known to be releasing alongside a version update patch that expands upon the culture system. With it, the expansion also brings several things that are related to the culture system rework. Furthering upon this, Paradox has decided to add a new legacy perk.

Players should be quite familiar with Dynasty Legacies. It’s a feature that grants a player’s dynasty with several different boons based on certain themes. It is used to emulate what a dynasty was known for, whether they be governance, skullduggery, or even a particularly strong bloodline. The Northern Lords DLC also saw the addition of two new Norse-specific legacies in its release, Adventure, and Pillage.

This time, for Royal Court, Paradox has decided to add one focusing on cultures, specifically multiculturalism. Customs give a dynasty several boons that help strengthen and solidify themselves in ruling foreign peoples. From things that help you with learning foreign languages, to leveraging your rule. Even unlocking a decision that helps with developing your realm by celebrating a culture; granting bonuses to counties of said culture. Overall, truly a strong choice for those that wish to leave a legacy of a multi-cultural empire.

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