Pagani Unveils the Utopia: A New Piece of Italian Automotive Craftsmanship

Italian supercar manufacturer Pagani recently unveiled their newest model. And no, this isn’t another limited variant of their existing models, rather, an entirely new car. Codenamed ‘C10’, it has been in development for more than six years, with multiple prototypes and scale models. According to Horacio Pagani, eight complete mock-ups were made in the process, one that should tell how the man ensured that whatever will be associated with his name should be a work of art that satisfies him. Speaking of art, Pagani’s automobiles have been regarded to be visually ravishing inside and out, with adequate performance to back up its looks.

Graced with an AMG-based 6.0 twin turbocharged V12, it makes an astounding 864 horsepower and 1100 Nm. Complete with an Xtrac 7-speed automated manual transmission or traditional stick shift; an option that is no longer offered by its competitors, but welcomed by enthusiasts nonetheless. Weighing in at only 1280 KG thanks to its monocoque carbo-titanium chassis, it is equipped with forged aluminium double wishbone suspension and electronically controlled shock absorbers, ensuring the best ride quality on and off the track. Climbing inside, one will find the unique exposed transmission linkage, as well as an interior that almost feels like an oration of Pagani Automobili’s brand identity.

While other manufacturers are working on implementing hybrids and electric vehicles to their lineup, Horacio Pagani defies the trends, and finds no place for it in his newest creation. A true dedication to the craft that costs 2.1 million euros, it is a deserving successor of the critically praised Huayra, a model whose performance variant paved the way for Pagani’s latest piece.

(All images sourced from Pagani’s official website)

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