Owls Are Classy Bird, Isn’t It?

Owls are nocturnal birds that include over 200 species around the world. These birds are something different from the other birds that actively hunt their prey in darkness. They like loneliness exactly.


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They are the great hunter

As we know, owls have their own strategy for hunting. They have extremely large eyes, so they could see anything of course in the darkness. And they don’t hunt in a hurry. An owl’s flight is silenced by special wing feathers, waiting for prey to appear, and swoop down with opening wings,  then catch for it with their sharp weapon. Even though, owls also can see just fine in the daylight.


Image source: pinterest.com

Owls are the mysterious bird

Human hasn’t know their ways of life largely cause they have the knowledge we did not. But there is a negative connotation about an owl. An owl has long been viewed as a harbinger of bad luck even death. Some cultures believe that their voice for woho…woho…woho…. means “Death is coming….”. This myth makes people avoid and want to kill them extremely.


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To keep owls as pets must have special permits

It’s not easy to have an owl for a pet. Some countries would permit individuals to keep owls in condition if training and facilities have been built. You need some money for the high maintenance of owls as part of the rehabilitation facility, daily feeding (fresh meat only), cleaning and attention or something large cages. Owls are long-lived that they could live 30 or more years in captivity. So, you must take care of it in a long-term commitment.

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