Overwatch News that You Need to Know!

There’s a new challenge that you can take on Overwatch – featuring Reaper. Partake in Reaper’s Code of Violence challenge from February 22 until March 8, where you can earn limited awards.


Unlock rewards by playing games in all three modes: Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade. You can earn limited-time in-game awards, such as a player icon for 9 games, a pray for 18 games, and 27 for a legendary Reaper skin. Winning counts as two games!


By watching streamers on Twitch while they’re playing Overwatch can earn you additional Reaper-themed rewards and cosmetics. Watching Overwatch Twitch streams can unlock six Reaper’s Code of Violence challenge sprays by linking your Battle.net account to your Twitch account to be eligible.

· Watching for 2 hours earns you 1 spray

· Watching for more than 2 hours earns you 2 sprays

· Watching for 2 final hours earns you 3 sprays

Some of the streamers include XinDa, Lee Nyung, supertf, karQ, and Beaver amongst others that will be streaming from February 25 onwards. The awards will be available from through Twitch Drops.


A new Reaper story is available for players to read.

“Reyes ponders his past and recalls the cruel path and flawed systems that twisted him into the justice-hungry revenant he has become: Reaper.”

Read the full-story by Brandon Easton here.

Other than the Code of Violence challenge, Overwatched released a new album titled, “Overwatch: Heroes & Villains”. The new soundtrack features “23 iconic themes” behind the playable characters and their iconic moments.

Listen to the song here!

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