Overwatch 2: Free in October and New Hero Leaks


Blizzard recently posted Overwatch 2’s Release Date Reveal on PlayOverwatch’s official YouTube account, for Overwatch 2 upcoming announcements.



The video delivered shocking news for Overwatch 2, announcing that the game will be released earlier than anticipated on October 4 and will be free to play!


Overwatch 2 was set to release around 2023 but Blizzard decided to push the release earlier than expected much to everyone’s pleasant surprise.


Not only that, but the video also showed a peek at new heroes that will join Overwatch 2’s lineup of heroes. Sojourn, a former Overwatch member who is already playable during the first PVP beta for Overwatch 2 will be joined by two other new heroes.


Finally ending the stagnant lineup of heroes, the other two new heroes include a tank reigning from Junkertown and a blue mystic fox support hero teased in the Overwatch 2 Release Date Reveal video.


Although there hasn’t been any upcoming information for the blue spirit fox support, Blizzard has already released a cinematic trailer for the new hero – Junker Queen.



Overwatch will now officially have another hero coming from Junkertown, aside from Junk Rat and Roadhog – who is Overwatch’s classic heroes.


Here comes the Queen, also known as “The Wastelander” from the cinematic trailer where the Junker Queen wields a shotgun and a massive axe, named Carnage. Not to mention, she stands at 7 feet tall.


The Overwatch 2’s Release Date Reveal also teased redesigns for existing heroes including D.Va, Symmetra, Ashe, Ana, and Moira with fresh and new looks.

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