Overwatch 2 Beta Patch Notes—Everything You Need to Know—May 5, 2022


With the beta for Overwatch 2 finally open, bugs, crashes, and exploits are of course inevitable. However, Blizzard has been quick to take note of the bugs and released a new patch for the beta on May 5, 2022.


The beta patch has some bug fixes and minor changes, including buffs and nerfs for several heroes as some heroes were over-turned while others were underperforming.


For instance, Roadhog’s ultimate was changed from a channeled ultimate (such as Junkrat’s “RIP-TIRE” ultimate) into a transformative ultimate (such as Winston’s “Primal Rage” ultimate) as players using Roadhog kept dying while using his ultimate.


Here are the May 5, 2022 Patch Notes for Heroes that you should know!


  • Sojourn

For the new hero, the width projectile for her Railgun Alt Fire is increased from 0.05m to 0.1m while her Power Slide ability had its cooldown reduced by 1 second from 7 to 6 seconds.  


  • Soldier:76

Soldier:76 in the beta was incredibly powerful with extreme mobility and new damage passive. Blizzard nerfed his abilities by reducing the damage of his Heavy Pulse Rifle ability from 20 to 18, reducing movement speed from his Sprint ability from 50% to 40% and Tactical Visor allows critical hits and no longer removes damage falloff from Heavy Pulse Rifle.


  • Sombra

Her movement speed is reduced from 65% to 50% for her Stealth ability.


  • Roadhog

Because Roadhog was underperforming, his ultimate Whole Hog was changed from a ‘Channeled’ ultimate into a ‘Transform’ ultimate – meaning that players must press primary fire as it no longer fires automatically. Other abilities can also be used while using Whole Hog and stuns will not cancel the ultimate.


  • Winston

The secondary fire ammo cost for his Tesla Cannon is reduced from 20 to 12.


  • Wrecking Ball

The knockback from his Roll ability is increased by 36%.


  • Zarya

The duration of Graviton Surge is reduced from 4 to 3.5 seconds.


  • Lucio

For Crossfade, his self-healing penalty increased from 30% to 60%.


  • Baptise

The healing ammo for his Biotic Launcher Alt Fire is increased from 10 to 13.


  • Ana

Ana’s ammo for her Biotic Rifle is increased from 12 to 15, while her Biotic Grenade duration was reduced from 4 to 3 seconds.


  • Zenyatta

Zenyatta has a completely new ability with Snap Kick, which is a new passive ability and increases Quick melee damage by 50%.


  • Brigitte

Brigitte’s knockback is doubled for her Shield Bash ability.

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