Overwatch 2 Beta: How to Get It?

The Beta for Overwatch 2 is finally here! Overwatch players are finally able to test out Overwatch 2.


Not only is there new gameplay in Overwatch 2, but also new heroes, new reworks for older heroes, and brand new maps.


To play the Overwatch 2 Beta, players sign-up for the beta using their Battle.net accounts on the official Overwatch website.


However, Blizzard won’t be sending every single player the email for the Overwatch 2 access – so don’t worry if you didn’t receive the email as there’s another way to get the access.


Starting on April 27 from 1 PM (ET) until 9 PM (ET), Overwatch players who link their Battle.net accounts to their Twitch accounts will be able to earn a beta key for the Overwatch 2 beta access.


To get the beta key, you’ll have to stream at least a total of 4 hours of Overwatch 2 gameplay from a list of Overwatch Twitch streamers.


The major gameplay rework from 6v6 to 5v5 PVP combat changes the game dynamics as there’ll only be 1 tank instead of 2.


Because of this, the individual impact during the gameplay will be felt, and tank players have to choose their approach more carefully between tank heroes or aggressive bruisers.


The new “Push” game mode is also a major update – introducing a new mechanic to the game where players must take control of a robot in the middle of the map and push the robot to the enemy base.

You can also try the 33rd new hero – Sojourn, or experience old and familiar kits with new twists with massive reworks of classic heroes, such as Doomfist, Orisa, Bastion, and more!

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