Our Secret

Zhang Xiaoan’s ‘Our Secret’.

China has released another drama related to secret admirers. This drama is titled Our Secret (2021), this drama has 24 episodes that are ready to entertain you all. This drama, directed by Zhang Xiaoan, highlights the story of Rainbow Xu and Chen Zheyuan.

Besides Rainbow Xu and Chen Zheyuan, this drama stars Wang Ze Xuan, Wang Yi Lan, Fan Zhi Xin and Liu Zhi Wei.


Ding Xiang (Rainbow Xu) and Zhou Siyue (Chen Zheyuan). They are high school classmates who are struggling to get into the university. Although they have been friends since childhood, they have very different personalities. Ding Xian is a beautiful girl who is quiet and stubborn, and known as a cinderella-type girl who is cute & adorable, but also stubborn.

Meanwhile Zhou Siyue was a handsome guy who has many fans. Zhou Siyue was also known as the excellent and perfect guy in his school, but difficult to manage. Their story begins when Ding Xiang moves to a new area and hopes to find a good environment and good friends.

Ding Xian has difficulty in adapting to his new environment, and also his friends who are focused on preparing for the university entrance exam. In the midst of this difficulties, Zhou Siyue always came to help Ding Xian.

Those who at first initially reject each other, in the end appreciate each other’s strength. Thanks to their daily interactions and togetherness, the story of their youth becomes a lot more interesting.

Gradually, a feeling of love developed between them and Zou Siyue confessed his love. Did Ding Xian accept Zhou Siyue’s feelings and they stayed together?

Drama Review of Our Secret

This drama carries the theme of not so typical high school romance. They also don’t forget what the true nature of school is without getting too immersed in teenage love stories.

The storyline is mature, neat and doesn’t bother the audience, making it comfortable for the audience to watch it. Coupled with the reality of struggling in exams, and university admission that are realistically matched in this drama.

It’s perfect for those of you who are looking for a drama that has a school settings, or series that doesn’t bother us on the romanticization alone, but the realities of a high school life.

Curious about the ending of their romance? watch it as soon as possible.

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