Ottawa Festival Fun- May Edition

Spring has sprung, and summer is not far off; in Ottawa, that means the festival season is in full swing. With April already underway, people will be looking forward to the month of May and the festivals it brings.


Ottawa Symphony Orchestra’s 2021/22 Season

The OSO hasn’t had any live performances for almost two years because of the pandemic; now that things are calming down, they are once again getting ready to go! This season is shaping up to be a special one; composers whose works will be performed include Mozart, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, and more!


Canadian Tulip Festival

Taking place over ten days in May, the Canadian Tulip Festival began with the gift of Tulip bulbs to the country of Canada from the Dutch government. These tulips were given as thanks for the role that Canada played in the liberation of the Netherlands at the end of World War II, as well as for their sheltering of the then-Crown Princess Juliana’s family during that conflict. Fun fact: Juliana’s daughter, Princess Margriet, was born at Ottawa’s Civic Hospital; a room in the hospital was declared international territory for the birth.

Attendees of the Tulip Festival can enjoy a variety of activities beyond simply viewing the bountiful beds of tulips; activities include historical films, photo opportunities, tours, and more.


The Great India Festival

Running from May to November, the Great India Festival offers a spectacular opportunity for residents and visitors alike to learn about Indian traditions, culture, and heritage. Events throughout the festival promote understanding, appreciation, peace, and connectivity.


Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend

This festival is Canada’s largest running and walking event; it is made up of six races of various lengths, as well as three challenges. Because of the pandemic, the 2021 event was held virtually, raising over 1 million dollars that benefitted both local and national charities.

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