Otome Game Manga or Webtoon Recommendations

It’s indisputable that the most popular webtoon genre this year is isekai or otome games. Most stories, stereotypically speaking, begin with the main protagonist experiencing an unprecedented accident and subsequently causing them to transmigrate to another world. However, it will be fascinating to follow what type of story development those authors would apply.

Villains are destined to die: Romance, Otome game, Survivor
Rating : 4.2/ 5.0

This one may seem like any other stereotypical stories considering it also has a transmigrating female lead. However, Gwongyeoeul, the author of this story, has shown an emotional impact through the female lead’s perception. ‘Penelope Eckhart’ is a transmigator who had a tragic childhood and had experienced mentally abuse from her family but she still managed to live through that period of time. Despite experiencing many obstacles after reincarnating in another world, her ambition to achieve a better life can grab the hearts of many readers.

The story not only represents the child’s mistreatment but also shows the character’s development. As time passed by, other supporting characters started to be gradually affected by the female lead actions and fell for her. You can find this thrilling and exciting story on Kakao Webtoon

It seems like I fell into a reverse harem game: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Rating : 4.3 / 5

The story commences after the female lead had gained her consciousness and found herself in a strange room, lying by her side was an unknown young man. From that point on, this harem game had already started. She had to survive and change her own fate while beware of another transmigrating villainess in the game. You can read more of this story on Kakao Webtoon.

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