Oppo Working With Sony to Design a Special Camera

Oppo and Sony designed an exclusive camera sensor called the Sony IMX 709 for the Oppo smartphone line that will launch in 2022. PR Manager for Oppo Indonesia, Aryo Medianto said; this camera sensor technology was developed for three years with Sony and involved around 300 engineers working on it.

During the development of the Sony IMX 709 sensor, Aryo added, the company has produced 87 patents and an investment value of more than US$ 1.5 million or around Rp. 21.5 billion.

The jointly developed sensor tech claimed to have an advantage of 60 percent increased in light sensitivity; and significant noise reduction by 35 percent. Comparing it to the sensors found on the previous Oppo Reno 6 device series.

Planting The New RGBW Sensor

Sony IMX 709 is a sensor that has high sensitivity to low light environments. Of course, as a premium class sensor, Oppo has also placed a new RGBW sensor so that it can produce clearer and more natural portrait photos. Oppo Indonesia will soon launch its newest device that will bring the advantages of this sensor in the first or second quarter of 2022.

Sony IMX 709, RGBW Sensor // yangcanggih.com
Sony IMX 709, RGBW Sensor. (source: yangcanggih).

Focus on 5G Devices and Portrait Features

In addition to including each devices with 5G network technology; Portrait is one of the superior feature; that will be embedded in 2022’s line of Oppo devices. And this include in not only the front camera, but also for the rear camera. To produce an aesthetic portrait photo, Aryo said that not all smartphone brands can do it.

“The Portrait feature is not a feature that does exist on every smartphone. This feature at Oppo is a development of three elements to take computational photography or artificial intelligence-based photography,” said Aryo.

First, Aryo explained, there is an image processing unit (NPU). One of the examples of is the existence of the latest chipset that they released back in 2021; namely MariSillicon X.

MariSilicon X Chipset
Oppo MariSilicon X Chipset. (source: Oppo).

“The second is an artificial intelligence-based image processing system; and the third is a camera sensor,” Oppo added. Android 12-based ColorOS 12 user interface also plays a major roles in it; which offers significant improvements to camera features.

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